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The Day the Sun Danced

Entering the animation industry in 1988, CCC of America produced it’s first animated film. CCC worked closely with Fr. Robert Fox, founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate, and apostolates in both the United States and Portugal, to produce an inspiring film for children of all ages with a timely and important message of faith.

Saints and Heroes collection

After the success of the first animated film, CCC of America committed itself to creating more quality content for families, and form 1989 to 2000, produced 10 animated films about inspiring and heroic figures form the past who have forever changed the world. Check out our Saints and Heroes collection!


Two orphaned children embark on a fabulous adventure in search of a mystical gem that holds the key to happiness in the harrowing and heartwarming CrystalStone.

If you love me…. SHOW ME!

This tools provides a springboard for discussion to educate young people in love, marriage, and chastity.

St. John Paul II

CCC of America produces high-quality films and entertainment that encourage and inspire faith, educate and promote family values. This ten-part documentary series about the life and work of Saint John Paul II was produced with special arrangements form the Vatican by Italian journalist, Alberto Michelini. It delves deeply into the life of this iconic, history-making Pope like never before and features some of the most intimate moments with the Pope ever captured of film!

Our Story

In 1983, an international group of young entrepreneurs committed to their beliefs recognized how mass media, film production, and entertainment had become a vital part of contemporary civilization. The dynamic enterprise of CCC of America was founded to produce and distribute high-quality entertainment for the family that is not only enjoyable, but also conveys family values.

En 1983 nace CCC of America con la misión de sembrar valores Cristianos a través de los medios masivos de comunicación. Entretenimiento de calidad para toda la familia.






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