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After an award winning animated series, Lukas, our friend that met Jesus and witnessed many of his miracles, brings us a new series of adventures coming out of the water in Lukas Club.

  • Preseed 50,000
  • After this first round we will open up for Apostolic and Family investor with other possiblities to join in different projects  
  • Production 30%
  • Sales 32%
  • Marketing and Promotion 30%
  • Financial fees 7.5%

Founding Partner of CCC of America tells us more

Watch John  E. Williams, Founding Partner of CCC of America for more details about Crowdfunding campaign

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Almost brought a tear to my eye seeing my 4 year old daughter get interested and ask questions about these we watched this evening. These are so great for little kids. God Bless all!

JD Steinberg

My nephew loves this. Great stories, great pictures, meaningful. The BEST movies for children and may be adults as well. Thank you!

Michelle Le