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In the beginning

In 1983, an international group of young entrepreneurs committed to the Christian Truth saw mass media, film production, and particularly family entertainment as not only a vital part of contemporary civilization but also a solid business venture. The dynamic enterprise of CCC of America was founded to produce and distribute high-quality entertainment for the family that is not only enjoyable, but also conveys Christian moral values. In January of 1984, 18 professionals quit their jobs in Mexico and moved their families to Hollywood to start a life time journey.



A dream come true

CCC of America began in Hollywood with the production of a 2-hour TV show HOMBRE NUEVO





In 1985, The first project, a feature film, Crystalstone. After 105 presentations to investors in 5 countries, CCC raised $2.5 Million dollars to cover the production costs of the film. Two of the founders moved to Spain to produce the film with talent and crew from England, Spain and the US.

1985 - 1987

Asturias, España

11 animated movies

Heroes & Saints collection

CCC expanded it’s horizons to more than 15 countries and the Saints Product Line was translated to more than 9 languages. CCC had TV and Video distribution agreements that enable the products to reach many countries in Europe, Asia and America.

1998 - 2000

Caliifornia · Texas · París · México

Back in the game

Lukas Storyteller

A new beginning for CCC with a brand new team. Lukas Storyteller is born after 20 years of stopped productions. Brand new services and history is still being written.

01 February 2015

New Office, CA

Our Story

Nuestro CEO

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos assumed the Direction of CCC of America in 2016 and his motivation was to change the world by producing quality content that promotes universal values. He has always had the desire to serve others and found his calling within the media.



When he was 3 years old he had the opportunity to meet

St. Mother Theresa of Calcuta,

who after a few minutes of chatting with him told his parents: “He’s going to be a Missionary”   


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kids about saints and our catholic faith"
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"I grew up with these movies
and I loved them, I'm glad I can
share this joy with my kids."
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